• Message From The Director 's Desk

    Dear Parents,

    We at Ryewood International School are known as an Institution with high expectations, high standards and high achievements. To support our students in their endeavours, we appreciate the encouragement and motivation parents give their children at home because it has been our experience that children who are well adjusted and able to meet classroom expectations are the ones who get that support at home.
    As an Institute, we have a firm discipline code in place. However, we do not believe in punishment but in course correction. We need to be firm and consistent if we want well behaved students. We are a child centered Institute where all our efforts and endeavours are concentrated around the achievement of each child.

    We know that academic achievement is extremely important however, it is not the only aspect of school. Encourage your children to participate in and enjoy the entire spectrum of activities that the Institute has to offer.
    Please maintain a cordial relation with the school staff and be respectful of your ward’s teachers. This will send out the message to your ward that the Institute and the teachers are sacrosanct.

    Parents you are our co-partners in educating your child. This diary is an effective link between the teachers and parents, school and home. Please make it mandatory to check the diary daily and be informed about your ward’s day to day performance. Kindly acknowledge the circulars sent with your signature. As parents, your wholehearted support is invaluable in realizing our aim.

    I look forward to your co-operation in facilitating a rich and rewarding education for your child.
    Dr. (Mrs.) Roshan F. Patel
    Alysh Memorial Educational Trust