The beautiful memories that remained after Alysh left us for his heavenly abode are now imprinted evermore at Alysh Memorial Educational Trust (AMET).

    The AMET was formed in June 2001 and was duly registered. In 2003, a Pre-Primary school, Buds-N-Blooms was functional and in June 2005. Ryewood International School was operational. The school is the first ICSE institution in Lonavla, a hill station that is evolving from a tourist destination, to a site best suited for an international level of education.

    The school environment is one that Alysh would have loved, and that children enjoy every day. The school was a first for Lonavla with its bright, happy classrooms and warm staff encouraging childlike wonder and curiosity. The play-way method adopted by the school makes learning fun. The curriculum embodies the necessity of all round development, making children better human beings in a competitive world. AMET has formed collaboration with the Trinity College of London for o graded examination in spoken English (GESE) which benchmarks one’s language ability and certifies spoken language skills.

    SNDT University inaugurated a centre for distance education at AMET, focused on providing courses for women aged 18 years and above. The AMET is thereby making its contribution towards the empowerment of local women.

    The quality of education provided at the school truly meets international standards, with the curriculum including martial arts training, art and craft, computer training, life skills training, Field trips, and sporting events. The teaching methodology gives priority to the overall growth and well-being of the child. Participation in various competitive exams externally gives students their ability ranking with peers in other schools. The infrastructure comprises state of art facilities, which are conducive to participatory learning.

    The Motto of AMET “Education for Life” is truly ingrained in each individual through a myriad of activities and learning experiences.