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(23/08/93- 27/05/2001)

Alysh Memorial Educational Trust …. A memory of Alysh (23/08/93- 27/05/2001).

The AMET family consisting of Buds-N-Blooms, Ryewood International School and the Ryewood International Junior College celebrates its founder’s day on the 23rd of August every year.

Alysh Day is celebrated every year by every student and staff. It is a joyous occasion where the quotient of happiness is at its peak!

Two years of silence 2020 - 2021, of stillness, of hush and now, to anxiousness, excitement and impatience. Yes, two years when the corridors of the AMET complex were silent on this day. 2022 has seen the campus brimming with life, enthusiasm, and bursting with voraciousness. “Momentum” a well-conceived theme of the year that puts everything into motion.

We at AMET believe that the world is in the palms of our hands because ‘We are the World’, we need to make it a better place for you and me. Alysh Day 2022 is a show of harmony. The seven continents of the world are being featured in all their magnificence. The show of unity in diversity of these land masses will be a treat for the human eye.

Awaiting the day….23rd August 2022.