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Parent Enrichment Programme


The current era of education has brought a revolutionary change in the field. It has not only widened the scope of education for an individual but also reformed the psychological and logical thinking process of every entity involved in this task of imparting education to the future citizens . The approach towards the education process has been changed.

Family being the first and the foremost agent of socialization, learning begins at home and then is followed at school. The responsibility to educate lies jointly with the school and the parents.In order to bridge the gap of communication and to ensure a proper collaboration between the school and the parents, the Parent Enrichment Programme plays a pivotal role.

At Ryewood International School the Parent Enrichment Programme plays a crucial role at the beginning of every Academic year. Parents are briefed levelwise with the curriculum plans, assessment patterns, disciplinary rules and regulations of the school mentioned in the school diary and are mandatory to follow.

Parents are encouraged in activities that showcase the method of teaching and learning at RIS so that they are aware of the education pattern.

The management extends valuable support to the parents by organizing informative parenting sessions, where well-renowned speakers are invited. This benefits the parents to change their outlook towards education and the upbringing of their child.

To strengthen the relationship between the parent and the school, a parent representative from every class is elected. Jointly the representative of all the classes for the PTA Team(Parent Teacher Association) and is headed by a secretary who is chosen by the members of the same team amicably.

The Parent Enrichment Programme boosts confidence amongst the parents and makes them aware of their responsibility as a parent and helps them to be ideal parents and in turn help in the schooling process of the child.